Don't be jealous, our prices are cheaper for Indonesians

10 Years+ Experience on Website Hosting

With 10 years of experience in the field of web hosting, we are confident that we can continue to be with you

BragaHost.com was founded by josh ilham. Our mission is to provide cheap web hosting services for Indonesian customers. But not limited to international customers.

We genuinely enjoy what we do and find the success we have created for our clients to be an extremely experience.

Here is our Goal and some reason why choosing us

1. Make your website sells for you even while you sleep, and our commitment is serving you with our best.

2. Giving our customers something different from just web hosting services.

3. To be cheapest in price, but the best in services and performance.

4. To be the first web hosting provider with flexibility, flexibility in price, flexibility in package feature, and flexibility in our terms of services.

5. Finally, just tell us what is in your mind about your web hosting need. We are here for you, for your business.

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